IPV4 BANK Payment process

Payment process


IPv4 Bank payment process relies on the most secure and safe payment method for all parties involved in any transaction; Seller, Buyer and Broker using a reliable financial institution as a third party (escrow.com) that temporarily holds the funds paid by the buyer based on a legal arrangement until the IPv4 address transfer has been completed.

How does ESCROW.COM work?

ESCROW.COM is a US-based financial corporation that offers to facilitate services for all kinds of commercial and financial transactions, such as; E-services, Merchandise, Domain name transfers Etc.…

It is the most secure way and the most used in this kind of transaction The way it works is as follows;

  1. Go to ESCROW.com
  2. Create an account on ESCROW.COM using the email address you want to use, then you should go through three-layer verification, after doing that you will be able to use the service.
  3. The Broker will set up a new transaction based on the agreed block (IP block Range, total value, ESCROW fee, and inspection period,) All parties (Seller & Buyers) will be involved in this transaction.
  4. Both Seller & Buyer should sign in to their accounts at escrow.com to approve the transaction.
  5. Upon their approval, ESCROW.com will ask the buyer to transfer the total value of the transaction to a specific bank account related to this transaction.
  6. After the payment is received and secured at escrow.com, ESCROW will ask the seller to transfer the IP`s ownership to the Buyer’s account at the RIPE NCC.
  7. When the transfer of the IPs is completed and the Buyer becomes the new owner at the RIPE NCC database, the seller should inform the ESCROW that the transaction is completed and request releasing the money.
  8. Escrow.com will confirm this with the Buyer, upon his confirmation the money will be released.